TTC 教师培训

TTC 教师培训

Yoga Diksha®

International Yoga Training Foundation



Ecosystem of Yoga


Yoga Diksha® Foundation is a voluntary based organization, gathering all the right motives for the “initiation into the ecosystem of yoga.” All the profits generated by the Foundation are used for the preservation and promotion of the authentic Yogic tradition.  

Yoga Diksha® 基金会以自愿为原则,集结各方善意,意在维护并宣扬瑜伽“生态系统”。基金会活动产生的所有盈利,都将被用于保护和宣扬瑜伽传统。


Rooted in India, Reaching out to the world

根植于印度 面向全世界

It is an International Yoga Training Foundation rooted in India while reaching to the world. Its mission is to bring to light the “Ecosystem of Yoga” through authentic and traditional approach in yoga education. Its vision is to free yoga from the limited understanding of yoga as physical stretching or the formalistic view of yoga as religious belief.

Yoga Diksha® 根植于印度,面向国际 。基金会崇尚传统正宗的教学理念,旨在宣扬对“瑜伽生态系统”的全面认识。从而改变现有对瑜伽的狭隘认识和形式主义偏见。瑜伽不止关乎肢体锻炼,瑜伽超越宗教信仰。


Authentic Yogic Tradition


Under the supervision of Indian Cultural and Education Board, the qualification of the Foundation is guaranteed by the strict credentialing system of the supervising authority. All the training programmes are designed in an authentic yet approachable way, aiming to preserve, and further promote, the original scriptures of yogic study.

Yoga Diksha® 基金会隶属于印度文化教育委员会,由委员会监督其所有的认证资质和教学质量。基金会的培训课程设置秉承传统正宗,通俗易懂的原则,旨在保有并宣扬瑜伽传统原著的精髓。


Voluntary-based Organization


Yoga Diksha® is a new organisation yet delivers and connects with the ancient and authentic. It is growing and bound to be strong with all the goodwill and voluntary contributions from scholars, doctors, politicians and yoga professionals, from all around the World.

尽管Yoga Diksha®还是一个年轻的组织,但因其宣扬传统正宗的瑜伽精髓而标新立异。基金会集结各方善意,得益于学者、医生、政客和各方瑜友的志愿贡献,定会不断壮大。


With its root in South Indian Bangalore, Just Yoga has developed a distinctive and non-dogmatic approach to yoga through three generations of yoga teachings. Based on traditional foundations, while inspired by new generations of technology, Just Yoga offers you a simplified yet effective approach to our modern hectic lifestyle!



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