Ayurveda 阿育吠陀

新生的,神圣的 The Newborn and The Divine

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吠陀传承中,女性生育子女、繁衍后代的神圣权利和职责。“女性都象征着正法 (Dharma)、财富 (Artha)、吉祥 (Lakshmi) 和宇宙 (Loka)。” 阿育吠陀中将女性以及女性生育和抚养子女的能力视为社会的基础。在一个社会中,只有当女性是安全的、受到保护,且感到满足时,这个社会才能够完整。

In Vedic philosophy, it is the woman who procreates children and propagates the human species. Dharma (righteousness), Artha (wealth), Lakshmi (auspiciousness), and Loka (the entire universe) are represented in every woman.”  Ayurveda regards the woman and her ability to produce and care for children as the very foundation of society. Therefore, only if the women of a society are safe, protected, and content can these qualities manifest in that society. 



Pregnancy is considered to be one of the most important stages in a woman’s life, one that requires tremendous care, attention and looking after. Though there are a number of different philosophies on how you can take care of yourself while pregnant, Ayurveda principles regarding care during pregnancy are considered to be truly holistic and multi-dimensional.


阿育吠陀提供的建议涉及饮食、运动、起居仪式,甚至母亲、父亲以及新生婴儿的灵性行为。在阿育吠陀 "Garbhini Paricharya" 的概念中,将“怀孕生育”更广泛的涉及到“母性”范畴,特别强调了从受孕前的准备,到分娩后的维护,这整段过程。只有这样一套完整的知识智慧,才能够塑造出一个快乐,健康,完满且具有灵性的新生家庭。

Ayurvedic principles touch upon the diet, practices, rituals, and even the spiritual actions of not only the mother but also the husband and newborn baby. The concepts of pregnancy, or more broadly ‘motherhood’, discussed under `Garbhini Paricharya,’ stresses on the fact that there is a need to provide proper care before the pregnancy, and till after the labor, to make sure that the mother, the child, and the even the father, are happy, healthy, satifised and spiritual.




This course is specifically designed for expectant mothers AND professional (yoga teachers, doctors, therapists, food/nutrition specialists, etc) who want to explore Ayurvedic principles and practices to nurture both mom and baby during this sacred time of life. In this 20 hrs of teaching, we’ll explore these beautiful practices in a way that is easy to understand and put to practice.

Training Highlights 培训重点 

1. Ayurveda Essentials for Pregnancy 阿育吠陀孕产知识重点

2. Ayurvedic Approach towards Motherhood 阿育吠陀母亲身份认知 

3. Garbha Sanskar 胎教智慧

4. Dietary Recommendations for Pregnancy 孕期饮食推荐

5. Pre-natal Care & Post-natal Recovery 产前维护 & 产后修复

6. Pregnancy & Baby Massage Techniques 孕妇 & 新生儿按摩技巧

7. Physical Practice for Pregnant Women 孕妇运动练习推荐

8. Common Ailments of Newborns 新生妈妈及婴儿常见疾病 & 治疗方式

9. Pelvic Floor Recovery Techniques 盆底肌恢复技巧

10. Ayurveda & Breast-feeding 阿育吠陀及母乳喂养

教师团队 About Teachers




20 hrs Ayurveda Pregnancy Care 


日程安排 Scheduling 

2017.11.04 - 2017.11.05

08:00am - 18:00pm

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2,200 RMB
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6404 5229 / 138 1652 3034
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培训地点 Training Venue

Just Yoga 徐家汇 Xujiahui Studio

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7/F Tianping Hotel, 185 Tianping Road (by Hengshan Road)




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