Ayurveda 阿育吠陀

Ayurveda 阿育吠陀

阿育吠陀养生季 Ayurveda Holistic Healing Workshops

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在吠陀传承中,瑜伽和阿育吠陀是姊妹学科。瑜伽和阿育吠陀两者结合,共同解释了五大基本元素(土 火 水 气 空间),人体原理(悦性,激性和惰性)以及人体运作和进化的方式。作为两个传统的学科,瑜伽和阿育吠陀被共同理解,引用和教授。 

Yoga and Ayurveda are inseparable sister science, originated as part of a greater system of Vedic knowledge. Yoga and Ayurveda, altogether, explain the elements (earth, air, fire, water, space) and principles (sattva, rajas and tamas) of human body, as well as the way body works and evolves. They have traditionally been perceived, referenced, and instructed together.


在阿育吠陀中,最基本的概念是关于宇宙生命力量的诠释,包括瓦塔,皮塔和卡帕所有个体都是由这三种不同力量的独特组合所构成。这种组成构成却又是在不断变化当中的,基于我们的 饮食,季节,年龄,等其他各方面的因素。

According to Ayurveda, the universal life force manifests as three different energies, or doshas, known as 

vata, pitta, and kapha. We are all made up of a unique combination of these three forces. This unique combination constantly fluctuate according to our environment, which includes our diet, the seasons, the climate, our age, and many more factors.


Literally, Ayurveda means the “science of life”. Since “life” involves so many things, it is no wonder that Ayurveda contains such a wide range of knowledge. Ayurvedic principles and the practical suggestions also touch upon a variety of subjects, including diet, practices, rituals, sextual activiites, mental health, spiritual actions, and etc.



In this October and November, Just Yoga will be conducting a series of Ayurveda workshops, aiming to guide you to explore the beautiful Ayurvedic practices in a way that is easy to understand and put to practice. It will be a hoslitic health festival beneficial and fruitful for everyone whoever participate in it!!

在这个10月和11月,Just Yoga将会举行一系列的阿育吠陀工作坊,为大家提供简便易学又切实可行的阿育吠陀疗愈方案。任何参与到其中的朋友,都将从这个全面的养生盛典当中获益无穷!!


Series One 系列一:

Life Science Wisdom - Basic Series

生命科学智慧 - 基础系列讲堂

In order to maintain a healthy body and mind, three essential aspects of life, i.e. Diet, Rest and Sex, 

should be in balance. These three aspects are called “three pillars of life”.



1 3 basic pillars.jpg

As for Diet, food are categorized into six tastes in Ayurveda, with each having different effects on health. Once the mind-body system is not in balance, some treatments should be done to restore the balance. 


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Besides, various herbs are used in most of the Ayurvedic practices. Therefore, knowledge on herbs is very important as well.


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Series Two 系列二:

Ayurveda Treatment for Office Workers 

办公室族群 - 阿育吠陀实用系列讲堂

Ayurveda, as one of the world’s oldest holistic healing system, has gained more and more attention and popularity among office workers, due to its safe, effective, personalized, and integrated treatments. Sitting at the desks for long periods at work leads to all kinds of spine problems


4 spine health.jpg

The fast-paced, high-pressure working environment has also created a lot of mental issues, such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, etc., among white-collar workers. 


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Sedentary lifestyle and long exposure to radiation also makes it easier way to Detox. In this series, you will learn how the Ayurvedic therapies for various conditions common to office workers, and Ayurvedic regimen for maintaining a healthy body-mind system.


6 office detox.jpg

Series Three 系列三:

Homeveda - Ayurveda Home Remedies 

家庭吠陀 - 阿育吠陀家庭实用药方

Ayurvedic treatments of common diseases using easily available herbs and spices, along with proper diet and specific Ayurvedic techniques such as massage, aromatherapy, etc., are called Ayurveda Home Remedies. Since the materials used in home remedies are easily available, in expensive, and with no side effects, Ayurveda home remedies are always preferable alternatives to conventional medicines. In this series, you will learn some traditional Ayurvedic techniques, including massage and others, to treat common ailments and chronic conditions, such as digestive problems, skin problems, etc., to improve the immune system, to prevent future illness through Ayurvedic cooking.


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