Free Certified Yoga TTC 免费瑜伽教师认证课程 (En)

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30 Hours Teachers Training
Foundation Course
5 Days in Shanghai
2016/4/24 - 2016/4/28
6404 5229 / 138 1652 3034

Hattie: 130 5221 4870 
Course Content / 课程主题
4 hours:Why Yoga? 为什么选择瑜伽?  
4 hours:Prana & Pranayama 调息法 
4 hours:What is yoga? 瑜伽是什么?  
4 hours:Principles of yoga 瑜伽的准则
4 hours:Practice of yoga  瑜伽的研习
4 hours:Secret of yoga  瑜伽的秘诀      
6 hours:Asanas 体位法 
Yoga Diksha® Foundation Course
Is a certified Yoga teachers’ training programme, preparing you with the prelude for the better understanding of the ecosystem of yoga."It is the basics for any upgrading courses by Yoga Diksha, an internationally recognized Indian yoga school known for its authentic and traditional approach in yoga education."
Through this 30 hours’ training, ranging from theoretical teachings of Yoga principles and secrets, to practical trainings of Asana and Pranayama, you will gain a glimpse into, thus learn how to approach, the vast system of yoga knowledge.
  those who perceive yoga beyond its physical benefits, for those who feel Yoga is not restricted to one but for various minds, and for those who see Yoga not only as the means and but as the end in itself. Either you are a beginner, a regular practitioner, or a devoted yoga advocator; you can mix and flavour it according to your own taste!
Credits & Certification
1. Upon the accomplishment of the 30 hours training with 100% attendance, you will receive a hard copy of 300 Credit Certificated issued by Yoga Diksha® Foundation Headquarter India.
2. The conversion between the training hours and credits is subjected to the syllabus and intensity of each training programme. Yoga Diksha® Foundation reserves the right of final explanations.
Yoga Diksha® Foundation is a voluntary based organization, gathering all the right motives for the “initiation into the ecosystem of yoga.” All the profits generated by the Foundation are used for the preservation and promotion of the authentic Yogic tradition.
Under the supervision of Indian Cultural and Education Board, the qualification of the Foundation is guaranteed by the strict credentialing system of the supervising authority. All the training programmes are designed in an authentic yet approachable way, aiming to preserve, and further promote, the original scriptures of yogic study.
About the Teacher
2. Ganesh
Founder of Just Yoga
3. Akhil
Master in Yoga Science
4. Swadesh
Diploma in Yoga Science 
Bachelors Yogic Degree
5. Hanish
Master in Yoga Science
Course Description
1. Why Yoga?
A disciplined person can achieve anything in life. This discipline is initiated in the life of a person who is practicing yoga. Yoga brings to our notice the higher possibility of achievements that is dormant in us. Yoga also lets us discover many hidden talents in us. Our overall performance in life improves and we discover a kind of fulfilment in life.
Date:2016/04/24   Sun
Time:10:00-12:00 & 19:00-21:00
2. Prana & Pranayama
In the practice of Pranayama, we become deeply familiar with the breath. A good knowledge of the respiratory system will, therefore, aid and enhance the practice, and help in a better understanding of their physiological parameters. It will also prove indispensable their practicing Prana Vidya, when awareness must be focused on specific internal body parts.
Date:2016/04/24 &25  Sun & Mon
3. What is yoga? 
What is yoga?—Yoga is a scientific techniques when applied in life we get fully integrated in our personality. An integrated person enjoys self confidence and a guaranteed success in all aspects of life. 
Date:2016/04/25 &26   Mon & /Tue
4. Principles of yoga 
Principles of yoga? –Yoga works on all layers of our personality that includes body, mind and intellect and of course our being. A regular practitioner is able to coordinate his different aspects of personality and help him achieve fulfilment in life.  
Date:2016/04/25 & 26   Mon & Tue
5. Practice of yoga  
 Practice of yoga?—Practice of yoga includes eight aspects; Yama, Niyama, Asana,Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi.
Yama is perfecting our relations with the world; Niyama is perfecting our relations with ourselves; Asana is being at peace under all conditions; Pranayama is regulated lifestyle; Pratyahara is effortless withdrawal from the world, darana is control of mind with reference to place; Dhyana is control of mind with reference to objects; Samadhi is control of mind with reference to time.  
Date:2016/04/27 & 28  Tue & Wed
6. Secret of yoga   
Secret of yoga?—Reading menu never gives the experience of good food mentioned in the menu. To experience the secret of yoga is to practice and discover yourself
Date:2016/04/27 & 28  Tue & Wed
7.  Asanas
Asanas are not just physical exercises: they have biochemical, psycho-physiological and psycho-spiritual effects. The cells of the body have their own intelligence and memory. Through practice of different asanas blood circulation is improved, the hormone system is balanced, the nervous system is stimulated, and toxins are eliminated, so that the cells, sinews and nerves are kept at their peak level. Physical, mental, and spiritual health and harmony are attained. 
Date:2016/04/26 & 27 & 28  
            Mon & Tue & Wed
Just Yoga
Registered Yoga School
Just Yoga advocates for traditional yet non-dogmatic approach in yoga education, which is in line with the mission and value of Yoga Diksha®, hence force certified as a Registered Yoga School under Yoga Diksha® foundation.
Registration notice
1.Please provide your name, contact details and email address to our staff for registration use.
2.The training programme is free for all, however the registeration fee of 100 RMB will be  charged. 
3.All the teachings will be conducted in English, with volunteer professional translator’s Chinese language support throughout the course.
4.Please prepare pen, notebook and recorder for better recording of the course information.
5.Please arrive 15 mins before the course starts. Mobiles are not allowed during the class.
6.Participants should be responsible for any cost incurred regarding food/accommodation.
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With its root in South Indian Bangalore, Just Yoga has developed a distinctive and non-dogmatic approach to yoga through three generations of yoga teachings. Based on traditional foundations, while inspired by new generations of technology, Just Yoga offers you a simplified yet effective approach to our modern hectic lifestyle!



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