​Ayurveda & Yoga Therapy Training 阿育吠陀瑜伽理疗培训

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联系方式 Contact Details

6404 5229 / 138 1652 3034
Serena: 152 0211 6238

Hattie: 130 5221 4870

培训地点 Training Venue

Just Yoga 徐家汇 Xujiahui Studio

天平路185号7楼 (近衡山路)

7/F Tianping Hotel, 185 Tianping Road

(by Hengshan Road)


Registration & Certification

1. The Traditional Hatha & Modern Vinyasa Teacher Training is a registered yoga training course with Yoga Diksha®. 此次传统哈达&现代流瑜伽教师培训是Yoga Diksha®认证培训课程。

2. Upon completion of graduation requirements, you are eligible to apply for certification at 2000 credits with Yoga Diksha®. 满足毕业要求的学生,将获得Yoga Diksha®认证的2000学分证书。

3. Be able to demonstrate an acceptable level of teaching skills: audible voice, clear instructions, congruent teaching presentation, teaching attitude, able to distinguish proper pose alignment, perform effective and safe hands on assistance. 有能力展示一定程度的教学能力,包括声音,口令,教学方式,教学态度等。同时,需要有能力区分体式顺位的正确性,为学员展现有效及安全的辅助措施。

4. Pass the final theory test and practicum exam. 通过最终的理论考试及实践审核。

5. Write a statement about personal understanding of yoga and self-development (will be completed and submitted during the training) 需完成学员自我陈述: 自我评估及对瑜伽的理解 (需在培训期间完成并上传)。

6. Please provide your name, mobile number, email address (necessary) for registration. We appreciate your participation and cooperation. 请提供您的姓名,手机号和邮箱(必须)用于注册。感谢您的参与和支持。

7.All the teachings will be conducted in English, with professional translator’s Chinese language support throughout the course. 培训课程为英文授课,全程提供专业中文翻译。

8.Please bring your own yoga mat, towel (if needed), water bottle, pen, notebook and recording instruments. 参与者需自行携带瑜伽垫,毛巾(如有需要),水杯,纸笔和录音工具参与课程。


With its root in South Indian Bangalore, Just Yoga has developed a distinctive and non-dogmatic approach to yoga through three generations of yoga teachings. Based on traditional foundations, while inspired by new generations of technology, Just Yoga offers you a simplified yet effective approach to our modern hectic lifestyle!



  • 徐家汇 Xujiahui: 021-6404-5229
  • 闵行 Minhang: 021-6404-0536