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Just Give

JUST GIVE brings our awareness to the art of giving; a simple act of dedication and 'seva' (service) that is free of any expectations and judgements. We often see this unreserved freewill in very young children and the elderly - the pure, inhibited pleasure of giving without awaiting any forms of reciprocation, which in turn helps the giver to let go of his/her ego and simply accepts any situation with an open heart.

JUST GIVE 让我们体会到“给予的艺术”,一种完全不与期待、不加评判、纯粹贡献和服务的行为。通常,我们能在儿童或是老者身上看见这种毫无保留的自由意志-那种纯粹的、毫不祈求回报的给予;那种让施予者完全放下自我,敞开心胸去接纳的无私行为。


With the aim of being an NGO project to help NGO companies, JUST GIVE is a charity project helping children and adults alike towards a healthier lifestyle, mainly by developing the love and freedom of giving within your own community. Sharing is Caring!!!

JUST GIVE以慈善为目的,协助并促进非营利性组织的筹款项目。通过在人群中推广互相关爱和赠予自由,从而帮助儿童和成年人获得一个更健康的生活方式和态度。分享即使关怀!!!





With its root in South Indian Bangalore, Just Yoga has developed a distinctive and non-dogmatic approach to yoga through three generations of yoga teachings. Based on traditional foundations, while inspired by new generations of technology, Just Yoga offers you a simplified yet effective approach to our modern hectic lifestyle!



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