Heritage 传承

Heritage 传承

Just Yoga Founder 创始人

Ganesh Singh

Founder, Yoga Teacher,

Therapist & Consultant

创始人, 瑜伽教练,瑜伽理疗师&顾问  


Ganesh出身于世代修行传统瑜伽者家庭,亦是当今瑜伽界的弄潮儿。Ganesh的父亲 Ra­jendra Singh (已故),生前是哈达瑜珈修行者。他的母亲Lakshmi Rajendra Singh是班加罗尔著名的瑜伽上师,其教学方式也深受好评,胞姐Shama Singh 也同样是一位出色的瑜伽教师。11岁时起就开始教授瑜伽,从Vijayanagar的一户人家开始,Ganesh渐渐的将足迹迈向教育机构,公共组织和企业公司,遍布印度和中国大地。With Yoga as his birthright, Ganesh is a pioneer in the field of yoga in our modern world. He hails from a family of traditional yoga practitioners from Bangalore India: his late father Mr. Rajendra Singh was a Hatha Yogi, his mother Mrs. Lakshmi Rajendra Singh is a well-known yoga guru, reputed for her teaching skills, and his sister Shama Singh is also an avid yoga teacher. Ganesh began teaching yoga at the tender age of 11 when he imparted yogic techniques to a family in Vijayanagar. He subsequently widened his teaching experience at various educational institutions, public gatherings and corporate premises, in different parts of India and China. 


出于对瑜伽的执着追求,Ganesh在各高校学府进行瑜伽研习,拥有瑜伽科学硕士学位。极具创造力的教学法和个性化的教学理念,更是让他的广受推崇。对Ganesh 而言,瑜伽是他尽情体验生命极致的一种方式。“瑜伽是体验幸福快乐的” 快乐是人的天赋权利,瑜伽是经由的工具和途径。Ganesh holds a wealth of knowledge from his persistent pursuits of various schools of yoga (including a Master Degree in Yogic Science). He is known for his creativity in teaching methodologies and customization in teaching philosophy. For Ganesh, Yoga goes way beyond mastering the physical body and breath, but a way of experiencing life to the fullest. “Yoga is an act of experiencing happiness.” Happiness is the birthright of every single individual, and Yoga is the tool. 


Ganesh对瑜伽如此的诠释,赋予其人道主义的普世价值观念。不论是初学者还是长期习练者,他们都能从Ganesh朴实无华的瑜伽教学中学习到对瑜伽理念更精湛更深层次的理解。With this yoga teaching approach and philosophy, Ganesh uplifts the understanding of yoga to the higher level of universal humanity. Be it beginners or long-time practitioners, people came to him for more refined understanding of yoga. With Ganesh, yoga is simplified yet opens your awareness to a deeper understanding of Yoga. He is described as the therapeutic storm in a teacup, and comes recommended by yoga students and teachers alike.


Ganesh现是Yoga Diksha® 在上海培训基地的老师之一。经过常年的修行和培训,以获得Yogaraksaka的教学资质。现在他将以瑜伽的遵循者和捍卫者的身份,将最传统正宗的瑜伽理念和哲学传授给中国的广大瑜友们。Ganesh is one of the Yoga Diksha® teachers based in Shanghai training center. After years of yoga practice and learning, he has achieved the credential of Yogaraksaka, which follows and protects yoga principles and knowledge. He is now in China to spread the Yoga principles and knowledge around.


With its root in South Indian Bangalore, Just Yoga has developed a distinctive and non-dogmatic approach to yoga through three generations of yoga teachings. Based on traditional foundations, while inspired by new generations of technology, Just Yoga offers you a simplified yet effective approach to our modern hectic lifestyle!



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